Dee Set Green Initiatives

We’re Keen on Being Green! Reducing our Carbon Footprint

With retailers and brands up and down the country investing in initiatives to protect the environment, it’s important for solution providers to keep up. According to a recent Customer Insight Survey conducted by the Green Britain Index, 90% of consumers actively care about being green. As the population grows progressively more ‘keen to be green’, it raises the question of what exactly companies offer with regards to sustainability.

Large companies with strong client bases often offer their own set of green initiatives, especially those that offer a vast range of services including Fulfilment, Distribution and Merchandising.
As 95% of consumers opt for a supplier or retailer that offer green initiatives, it’s important to offer full visibility of how to consider the environment within day-to-day operation.

An impressive 97% of consumers complete their own green activities at home, particularly recycling goods and reducing economical waste. The UK has developed an active recycle and reuse culture, prompted by UK government objectives and legislations such as the introduction of the 5p charge for a single use plastic bag, back in October 2015. The UK-wide policies on waste and green initiatives are mirrored in both public and private sector.

At Dee Set, green initiatives are carefully considered and followed across all areas of the business that are not only beneficial to the environment, but our clients too.
All of our cardboard and plastic is recycled, with 267 tonnes of card recycled in 2017 alone.

Paperless briefings have also been introduced; instead, these are sent electronically to the field. Not only does this allow us to save 18 60ft pine trees annually, but allows our innovative technology to integrate across all areas of the business.

As we offer a full consolidation service, this allows us to consolidate stock from several suppliers into one delivery, helping to reduce congestion at distribution centres and the number of vehicles on the road. Our fleet consists of 10 double deck aerodynamic trailers, which results in less drag, increased fuel efficiency and a significant reduction of our carbon footprint which means we can help transport twice as much stock compared to a standard trailer.

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