• Fulfilment

    Are you tired of ordering unneeded products to top-up your order? Do you find your office or warehouse space being taken over by unnecessary stock?
    Dee Set has a solution.


Do you find your warehouse space is being taken over by unnecessary stock? Dee Set has the perfect fulfilment solution.


Our flexible ‘pick, pack and consolidation’ service allows you to create a solution based on what you want, when you want it – rather than fulfilling the needs of specific contracts and order requirements. Whether it be one item or thousands of items, with our 180,000 sqft warehouse we have the space to pick, pack and process your order within a 24-hour turnaround period.

We’re proud to hold a 99.8% picking accuracy level that has been built over 15 years of experience. Our Fulfilment team can offer you a complete service that gives you access to real-time reporting to monitor sales trends and manage your supply chain effectively. This means that you will never lose sight of your inventory.

It is our priority to look at what sells in-store on your behalf and monitor your stock to save you space, time and money.
We can offer a range of bespoke services which includes security tagging, barcoding, clip strips, repackaging and more, to get your product to the shop floor with ease. We can even assist in the build, delivery and day 1 implementation of FSDUs.

We support with over 500,000+ picks per week on behalf of companies within the UK, Europe and rest of the world.

You can rely on us to provide you with a bespoke tailored solution.


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