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Experience in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, these include clip-strips, travel accessories and home goods.


Our central office and warehouse enable us to ensure an agile process, reduce lead times and increase the flexibility of our production capabilities. We aim to exceed customer expectations at every stage of development and bring products to the market that surpasses the competition in both quality and value.

Through our central office in Ningbo, China, we carefully select a network of approved factories to import over ten million home and leisure units annually. By using one central pack-house, we are able to maintain quality and consistency throughout our products, testing and in-house design. We are able to fulfil an independent quality assurance at the point of production and complete a full inspection procedure to the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standards.

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  • UK Market Entry

    Our complete service from concept to production provides you with a cost effective solution to help launch your brand into the UK Market, see how we can support your brand.

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    99.98% track record of successful next day deliveries and working relationships with key grocery retailers, we can be trusted to deliver

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