• Merchandising

    We are passionate about driving results for your brand in-store first time, every time.


With over 15 years of experience, we have a strong understanding of retail and how important it is to ensure premium positioning, stock availability and an effective customer journey each and every time a customer walks through your door.


We pride ourselves in maintaining established relationships across key UK retailers, along with extremely successful connections with major brands. With a strong belief that bespoke offerings are essential, Dee Set can excel in flourishing your brand whilst adapting to the constantly evolving retail landscape. We can provide strategic or tactical ad-hoc merchandising support, so whether you need a 365 day in-store presence, or ad-hoc support to drive promotional peaks, look no further.

We thrive on our ability to track each project, provide data and reports, including recommendations for each project completed. Thanks to our innovative and fast-moving approach, we’ve welcomed compliance boosting systems such as Photograph Quality Control, which enables us to provide instant feedback to our Merchandisers in store. This allows us to exceed our already high compliance average of 95.6%, and statistics such as this are thanks to the the expertise of our people within the Dee Set family.

As our strategic merchandising options work extremely well for clients who need ongoing support, we’ve welcomed a constant stream of fantastic results. For example, we complete ongoing merchandising within the Health and Beauty sector for Asda. In Morrisons, we manage all in-store elements for their own brand of clothing “Nutmeg”. We provide the store colleagues who merchandise, implement range changes, track sales, manage stock and provide superb customer service to customers.

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Complimentary Services

  • Fulfilment

    With a 99.6% average pick rate compliance and currently pick, pack and distributing over 250,000 units per week. We have the expertise and capability to deliver effectively and accurately every time.

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  • Contact Centre

    The power of voice is still the most effective way to communicate. Our in house Contact Centre has the potential to unlock better communication and support across retail, web, and consumer based initiatives such as fully managed hotlines, direct sales and both retailer and consumer research.

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