Dee Set Ian Andrews



‘In short, Dee Set was born out of frustration of seeing examples of activity and problems that needed practical and innovative solutions. I realised early on that corporate structures sometimes strangle, frustrate innovation and dilutes creative responses. Sometimes organisations need vehicles that run along side the corporate body to light the way, to be the vanguard, to create the space to experiment.

My personal experience of creating a solution for multiple store services that worked and continues to succeed for Asda within facility management, drove me to establishing Dee Set. The problems I faced as Deputy Operations and Store Services Director could be solved by direct and focused action from a passionate and dedicated third party. That was my belief and still is to this day.

The reason we exist, my motivation, my drive, is rooted in the above, to create practical and innovative retail solutions for our customers who ever they maybe. In a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. This is as true for Trending as it is for Logistics, Fulfilment or Merchandising.

It is our reason for being, our ‘raison d’etre‘.

In essence to grow sales and increase profits for our customers and ourselves.’


The future

‘What we need to do is to develop our thinking on what the future looks like.

It is clear that the present retail environment set against the socio-economic variables is increasingly
challenging. The pace of change, innovation and technological advance is staggering.

It is this that we must harness to enhance our competitive edge and give value to our customers.

To do this, the imperative has to be the mind set of our people. Bringing the team along with the strategy,
a shared vision is paramount.

Ultimately, alignment of thought and effort will be the difference between success and failure.’

Ian Andrews