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For RetailersWe are experts in providing solutions to drive efficiencies to support each retailers strategy

For Retailers

Dee Set has been built based on the service supplied to retailersĀ andĀ are experts in providing solutions to drive efficiencies to support each retailer’s strategy.

We believe that our consolidated approach to how we work is a proven success for retailers, as we can interlink our services and reduce either your base cost, distribution or labour resource. Our retailer partnerships demonstrate that we are trusted by retailers such as Asda, Morrisons, Wilko’s and Sainsburys. We are bespoke in our approach and build strategies that really support retailers in making a difference.

  • Founded by retail experts

  • Bespoke solutions specific to retailers

  • Fully consolidated options to reduce costs

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Complimentary Services

  • Merchandising

    At Dee Set we offer both tactical and strategic field teams who understand the retail environment and who have the ability to work across both grocery, departmental and high street retailers. Completing on average 40,000 merchandising hours a week, resulting consistency to brands and retailers.

    Dee Set Merchandising

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  • Field Marketing

    At Prime we create bespoke and collaborative in-store programs designed specifically around driving sales, ROI, engagement and brand advocacy to compliment our clients marketing strategy. We execute campaigns across all retail channels and are privileged to work alongside some of the UK's best loved brands

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  • Fulfilment

    With a 99.6% average pick rate compliance and currently pick, pack and distributing over 250,000 units per week. We have the expertise and capability to deliver effectively and accurately every time.

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  • Distribution

    99.98% track record of successful next day deliveries and working relationships with key grocery retailers, we can be trusted to deliver

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  • Store Development

    We are the solution if you are currently looking to open new stores across the UK, implementing a new category range change or replanning for store's retail footprint. We have the labour resource and expertise to project manage all of your requirements

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  • Print Services

    Our print services have been developed specifically to support those working in the retail environment, so whether you need SEL Strips, Leaflets, Large Scale Window or Floor Vinyls or eye catching and robust FSDU's we are the right partners to work with!

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  • Contact Centre

    The power of voice is still the most effective way to communicate. Our in house Contact Centre has the potential to unlock better communication and support across retail, web, and consumer based initiatives such as fully managed hotlines, direct sales and both retailer and consumer research.

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  • Creative

    Whether you are looking for re-branding, packaging design or digital graphics, we can work closely with you to take your brand to the next level.

    Dee Set Creative Services

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  • Manufacturing

    Our central office and warehouse enable us to ensure an agile process, reduce lead times and increase the flexibility of our production capabilities. We aim to exceed customer expectations at every stage of development and bring products to the market that surpasses the competition in both quality and value.

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  • UK Market Entry

    Our complete service from concept to production provides you with a cost effective solution to help launch your brand into the UK Market, see how we can support your brand.

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