Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

At Dee Set we are proud of our fairness and equality and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all of our colleagues. As such we are pleased to publish the below gender pay gap report for 2018.

The below table shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap as of 5th April 2018 the snap shot date.

Mean Median
Hourly Rate of Pay 26.93% 6.23%


The pie charts below show the distribution of males and females in each pay quartile, with each quartile containing approximately 661 colleagues.

Key: Female Male



No colleagues were awarded bonuses for the qualifying period.



On analysing the findings I am confident that all colleagues receive a rate of pay in line with their job role and performance. The main reasons for our gender pay gap are that we have a higher proportion of males than females working in our Store Development Department completing night work which generates a higher rate of pay, and we have a higher proportion of female colleagues under the age of 25, therefore paid at a lower rate of pay, in line with minimum wage regulations.

I am pleased to see that there is an increase in females in the Upper Middle and Upper Quartiles compared to last year.

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone reaches their potential, regardless of their gender and I am pleased that of all the colleagues that attended our internal management and leadership development training in 2018/2019 (to date) 55% were female, and over 60% of colleagues currently completing NVQs are female.

I am pleased with the overall findings of our report and will ensure that we review and continue to pay all colleagues equally and fairly in relation to their job role.

I confirm all data reported is accurate.


Ian Andrews, Executive Chairman

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