Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

We are proud of our fairness, equality and gender pay differentials and are committed to improving this even more for the future.

Difference between male and female as a percentage:

Mean Median
Hourly Fixed Pay 14.12% 10.17%

The table above shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on our hourly rates of pay as of the 5th April 2017 the snap shot date.

The proportion of male and females in each quartile:
Key: Female Male

Charts Gender Pay Gap Report
These pie charts illustrate the gender distribution at Dee Set across four equally sized quartiles, each containing approximately 900 colleagues.

Our quartiles depict:

Lowest quartile: The reason for the 2.14% difference is that a large portion of the quartile (24.6%) are female and under the age of 21, and as such are paid a lower hourly rate in line with minimum wage guidelines. Where as only 4.3% of males are under 21 years of age.
Quartile 2: There is no difference in the rates of pay between males and females.
Quartile 3: The main reason for the 5.11% difference in this quartile is due to the majority of males who work nights and night shift work is paid at a higher rate of pay.
Quartile 4: The difference is 5.87% and we are satisfied that everyone in this quartile are paid equally and accordingly to their job role.

Our bonus pay gap

Mean Median
Bonus pay 46.06% 80%

The table above shows the overall mean and median difference between all bonuses paid to males and females at Dee Set in the year up to 31st December 2016. The main contributor to the bonus pay gap is at the level of our Executive Main Board (one non-executive), which consists of three males and one female.

The proportion of colleagues awarded a bonus for 2016:

Bonus Gender Pay Gap Report

The proportion of colleagues awarded a bonus for 2016 depicts a difference of 0.5% between the number of male and female.

I am pleased with the overall findings of our report and will ensure that we review and continue to pay all colleagues equally and fairly in relation to their job role.

I confirm all data reported is accurate.

Ian Andrews, Executive Chairman

Signature Gender Pay Gap Report

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