Dee Set Contact Centre

Contact Centre Polishing Their Performance!

SensatioNails needed a dedicated Customer Service department and so our Contact Centre rose to the challenge! We now field over 200 enquiries on a weekly basis. Our team have become so experienced with the product that they have been asked to represent the brand at The Clothes Show for two years running.

Our brief

SensatioNails needed a dedicated Customer Service department, with trained to represent the brand to their consumers.

Our approach

We have worked with SensatioNails for 10 years through our Fulfilment and Distribution departments. Previously the team would pick and pack the products for delivery and also answer any Customer Service enquiries. However, as the brand grew it soon became evident that SensatioNails needed dedicated members of staff to be educated in their product range and to handle all consumer queries.

The Contact Centre details were placed on all social media, websites and products, to ensure a simplified means of consumer communication. The team have been trained by the brand’s UK Sales Director on the uses of the product and have since kept themselves up to date with all product knowledge to maintain the true voice of the brand. They are able to easily solve any queries about delivery, tracking, replacements and safety warnings, in addition to providing advice on using the products. There is a trained Nail Technician who supports the social media accounts and our Contact Centre team also able to efficiently handle any returns or complaints.

The Results

The dedicated Contact Centre team receive over 200 emails on a weekly basis, ensuring a guaranteed response within 24 hours. Our team have become so knowledgeable about the product that they have been asked to work at The Clothes Show to represent and sell the products. We frequently receive positive reviews about how customer enquiries were handled.