Dee Set Wilko

Creating an Own-Brand Travel Accessories Range for Wilko

Wilkos wanted us to create an own-brand travels range to complement their seasonal collection. We provided a retail solution that covered everything from inception through to merchandising on the shop floor. This resulted in a 27% increase in sales revenue within the first year.

Our Brief

Wilkos requested that we create an own-brand travels accessories range to complement their existing seasonal range.

Our Approach

Every year, UK residents make over 67 million visits abroad – a huge market for travel accessories!. As a result of owning our own Travels range, we were well placed to take advantage of our current sales trends and data to provide Wilkos with all the necessary information to create a successful range. We worked closely with Wilkos to design packaging that was not only in-line with their seasonal ranges, but also matched colour ways to the latest trend guide. We used our Total Retail Solution, being actively involved in all parts of the process – from original concept and design, to storage, delivery and shop-floor merchandising. This allows us to provide throughout the process ensuring efficiencies are optimised.

The Results

Within the first year alone, Wilkos realised a 27% sales revenue increase in their travels range. We have continued to provide the travels product collection for the last three years. The range grows each year with new product development offering more consumer choice.