Dee Set George Cosmetics

Designing Cosmetics Range for George!

Asda asked us to design their own-brand cosmetic range to appeal to their target demographic of teens and young adults. We designed a range that resulted in a 400% increase in sales and George Cosmetics became the most popular choice for 16-24 year olds within Asda.

Our Brief

The beauty industry contributes over £17 billion to the UK economy, and each cosmetic consumer spends a record-breaking £343 on beauty or skincare products in a single year. The potential of this market is clear and it is necessary for retailers to take advantage of these sales by fully connecting with their target demographic.

We have worked with the George cosmetics range in Asda since 2008 and hold a commitment to creative innovative designs to fit their target audience. ASDA asked us to design their own-brand range of cosmetics that would appeal to the teen and young adult demographic.

Our Approach

Our experienced Design team took on the challenge with enthusiasm and researched Asda’s target audience and the latest trends to create a mood board of ideas. The team then designed a range of concepts using a mixture of vibrant and bold styles to stand out against competitors in the market. The team also produced POS cosmetic stands, POS and labelling for events to support the promotion of the new range.

The Results

The new range was an overwhelming success; average sales of the George range was up 400% per week in each store. A recent survey found that George Cosmetics was the most popular cosmetic choice for 16-24 year olds within Asda stores.