‘Sculpting and Defining’ New Product Sales for George Cosmetics

George Cosmetics wanted to raise awareness of their new Contour Kit in selected stores. We responded with a hands-on demonstration environment that resulted in a 900% sales uplift.

Our brief

We were approached to raise awareness and drive sales to support the new product launch of the George Cosmetics Contour Kit in selected Asda stores.

Our approach

We created an exciting, hands-on and professional in-store beauty demonstration environment. We utilised trained Ambassadors with fantastic engagement skills to promote and educate consumers on how to use the product with interactive demonstrations of the kit. This fun and simple approach, combined with providing ‘how-to-use’ leaflets gave consumers the confidence to trial and buy the product.

Prime gave us the opportunity to communicate our new Contour Kit to our customers in a way that was full of enthusiasm and passion. We saw an impressive uplift in sales whilst the Brand Ambassadors were in store. We look forward to our next in-store demonstration!”

Jade Andrews
Brand Manager

The results

George Cosmetics saw an impressive sales uplift of 900% of the new Contour Kit during the in store demonstration when compared to the previous months sales. In addition, sales for other George products spiked due to the overall brand awareness and improved shopper engagement.