Dee Set Case Study

Simplifying and Cutting Costs in Overnight Installations!

B&Q requested that we find a way to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of overnight installations. We provided a solution that resulted in a 23% labour cost saving and provided opportunity for employees to progress.

Our brief

B&Q asked us to create a solution whereby the overnight installations could be improved through efficiency and cost savings, without compromising any standard of quality standards.

Our approach

Before approaching us, B&Q used two separate companies to complete overnight installations where each company took take on a separate job. The first used skilled labourers to enter the premises, access the location according to health and safety standards, installed the racks and shelves, and then signed the job as properly accredited. The second company then delivered the stock and fully merchandised the installation in time for the shop opening. With both companies working at the same time, many employees were left waiting, unable to complete their respective job. Communication between the two businesses was poor – causing confusion and leading to increased expense.

It became immediately evident that the solution was to consolidate the work of two companies to create one multi-skilled labour pool, where employees could be trained to perform both roles efficiently through the support of a single company. We already had a large group of Merchandisers present at the premises, and developed the idea that some may be interested in receiving training to become skilled installation workers with additional pay.

The Results

The training of Merchandisers was a huge success; by consolidating the labour into one multi-skilled team, there was no longer a reliance on another company to show up on time. This solved the ‘waiting around’ period, cut costs for the retailer, and allowed employees to feel that they where able to progress and train within their roles.