Dee Set Morrisons

Simplifying Morrisons Distribution to Stores!

Morrisons required a simplification of their multiple suppliers into a single invoice. We used our own central warehouse and skilled distribution team to save time, space and money, guaranteeing quicker delivery to store, and reducing Co2 emissions.

Our brief

Morrisons were in need of a supply chain solution that would consolidate their multiple 3rd party suppliers into a single order, single invoice and single delivery direct to stores.

Our approach

For most major retailers, having their own distribution centres throughout the UK is the cheapest option for moving large quantities of goods. Morrisons is no exception. However, when dealing with smaller quantities or specific items, this process can prove cumbersome. Labour cost may be wasted on staff searching through thousands of boxes to select just a couple items for a certain delivery. In addition, Morrisons needed to buy larger quantities than needed – wasting money and taking up warehouse space. We provided a solution.

We introduced the consolidation of all 120 suppliers into a single stream. The suppliers delivered their goods into our warehouse instead of Morrisons Distribution Centre. We arranged that all suppliers would consign their goods to us – rather than purchase the products in large quantities – to reduce cost and product waste. This enabled our Distribution team to pick and pack the product to Morrisons’ order specifications. Upon completion, we shipped the filled pallets to the Morrisons depot for direct delivery to specific stores.

The Results

This approach reduced cost, space and money for Morrisons. The Distribution Centre saved time through reducing administration, such as checking of each product and chasing lost items. As a result of us holding the stock in our warehouse, it provided more space in Morrisons distribution centre and the retailer’s costs were significantly reduced through eliminating the need to purchase unwanted product. Furthermore, the consolidated deliveries reduced the retailer’s Co2 emissions and guaranteed quicker deliveries to store. We have been using this process since 2012 and deliver over 1000 consolidated products to Morrisons depots twice a week.