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At Dee Set, we are always investing in our innovation and technology to ultimately ensure that we provide excellent results for our clients. With our colleague and client numbers ever growing, we are focused on utilising cutting-edge equipment and systems to stay ahead of our competitors. Our investment in our successful Video Briefing System, Photo Auditing Technology and Client Snapshot Portal helps to drive excellent results and ROI for clients.

With a 3,500 strong field team we utilise a Video Briefing System to ensure we provide clear briefs which enables clear step-by-step guidance for best practice on merchandising tasks. From the implementation of FSDUs and CTUs, to check and fix tasks, our innovative video briefs ensure that our colleagues are well equipped to complete the brief which reflects on our consistently high day 1 implementation compliance record of 95.6%.

We have also developed our own bespoke Photo Auditing Technology which our Merchandisers utilise in stores, once they have completed a task they take a photo of the completed work which is then analysed via our Photo Auditing Technology which checks the photos against the client’s requirements to ensure we meet their brief. Each week our Merchandisers take over 60,000 photos, by using this technology we’re able to provide immediate feedback to our Merchandisers to ensure the work is completed to our client’s brief before leaving the store.

Each time our Merchandisers complete a task in store they also complete a survey which includes questions based on the data our clients require. This paired with the photos taken in store is then analysed via our bespoke Client Snapshot Portal. This Portal is the central hub of information which our clients have full access to, it shows progress of brief, completed visits shown on a location map, live compliance results and a complete photo gallery of stores visited.


  • Data Science
  • Digital Compass
  • Image Recognition
  • Automated Recruitment
  • People Management Systems
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